Ligon Street Yard, Norfolk, Virginia

NASSCO-Norfolk's Ligon Street Yard is located at the confluence of the Southern and Eastern Branches of the Elizabeth River, directly across the river from downtown Norfolk. On NOAA Navigation Chart #12253, the coordinates are 36o 50' 17.7" North Latitude and 76o 17' 21.6" West Longitude.

The Ligon Street facility is a full-service shipyard outfitted with three piers (maximum dimensions 1,117 feet long by 40 feet wide), a 40,000LT drydock (capable of docking ships up to and including LHD-1 and LHA-6 Class vessels), five tower cranes, and industrial shops (e.g., Structural, Inside/Outside Machine, Sheet Metal, Diesel, Electrical, Pipe, Rigging and Lagging) capable of providing major repairs, planned maintenance and modernization.

Harper Avenue Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia

NASSCO-Norfolk's Harper Avenue Yard is located on 60 acres at Pinners Point in Portsmouth, Virginia next to the Portsmouth Marine Terminal and adjacent to the Elizabeth River. On NOAA Navigation Chart #12253, the coordinates are 36o 51' 7.2" North Latitude and 76o 18' 48.5" West Longitude.

The Harper Avenue facility is a full-service shipyard outfitted with one ship repair/modernization pier, one lay berth pier, and 50,000 square feet of covered environmentally controlled shops and inside shop storage area. The shipyard’s steel and concrete Pier #1 has been approved by the U.S. Navy for mooring combatant, auxiliary and amphibious ships up to and including LPD-17 class vessels. Pier #1 is 799 feet long and 55 feet wide with a dolphin rated for 200 tons 53 feet off of the pier head. Water depth is 33-35 feet at Mean Lower Low Water on both sides. Pier #2 serves as a MARAD layberth facility.

PACNORWEST Headquarters, Bremerton, Washington

NASSCO-Bremerton is the cornerstone of NASSCO-Norfolk's Pacific Northwest business operation, which was established in late 2014 to support the company's new five-year aircraft carrier Multi-Ship/Multi-Option (CVN MSMO) contract. NASSCO-Bremerton is headquartered at 423 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton, with more than 27,000 square feet of additional industrial space located at 6000 Werner Road. NASSCO-Bremerton is also embedded in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) in trailers located at Piers B and D.